Dotty Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Introducing the Dotty Dishcloth!

I’ve been wanting to design another dishcloth for a while now. I love crochet cloths for both myself & home and also to give as gifts! My Farmhouse Dishcloth pattern is one of my most popular patterns on Etsy, so I figured you all probably like crochet dishcloths too! I’ve been using this bumpy stitch called the Picot Single Crochet in a lot of my patterns lately, because it’s just too PRETTY! I can’t get over the amazing look and feel it gives the fabric and I just knew it would work great for a dishcloth.

This pattern uses the Picot Single Crochet and the Granule Stitch to create the beautiful, bumpy texture! Check out the written instructions & video tutorial to learn these stitches!

Let’s grab our supplies & let’s get making!

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Follow along with the video tutorial on YouTube!




14 STs x 15 Rows = 4” x 4”
Adjust hook size up or down or adjust tension to meet gauge.


● The number in parenthesis at the end of each row represents the total number of stitches to be worked in that row.
● The chain 1 at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch.
● Repeat stitches between the ** until the end of the round or until otherwise stated.
● To adjust the width, chain a multiple of 4 + 1 + 1. For this pattern we will chain 28 + 1 + 1 (30).


● Medium (4) Weight Cotton Yarn (approx. 1.5 oz / 75 yards)
I used: Lily Sugar n’ Cream (Jute) & I Love This Cotton (Aqua & White)
5.00mm (H) Hook
Yarn Needle
Tape Measure

Abbreviations (US Terms)

ST(s) – Stitch(es)
SL ST – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
PSC – Picot Single Crochet
RS – Right Side
WS – Wrong Side


CH 30

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from the hook, SC in each CH across. (29)

Row 2: CH 1 & turn. SC in 1st ST, *PSC in next ST, SC in next* (29)

Row 3: CH 1 & turn. SC in each ST across (29)

Row 4: CH 1 & turn. SC in 1st 2 STs, *PSC in next ST, SC in next* Repeat ** until 1 ST remains. SC in last ST (29)

Row 4 : Right Side View

Row 5: CH 1 & turn. SC in each ST across (29)

Row 6: CH 1 & turn. SC in 1st ST, *PSC in next ST, SC in next* (29)

Row 7: CH 1 & turn. SC in each ST across (29)

Rows 8-31: Repeats Rows 4-7


SC in same ST, SC in each row down the left side of the cloth, 2 SC in the 1st CH at the bottom of the cloth, SC in each CH across, 2 SC in the last CH, SC in each Row up the right side, 2 SC in the 1st ST at the top, SC in each ST across, 2 SC in the last ST. SL ST into the 1st SC we made for the boarder. There should be a total of 124 SC around for the boarder (31 on each side).

Tie off yarn and weave in ends.

And you’re all done!

Thank you so much for following along! I hope you enjoyed this pattern for the Dotty Dishcloth! Don’t forget to tag @theturtletrunk on Instagram and Facebook so I can see you’re finished creations!

You are free to sell the items you make with this pattern, and I’d love if you could please link back to this page. You do not have permission to republish or distribute this pattern in any way or claim it as your own. Do not use my photos in your sale listings or for any other purposes. Thank you.

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