BOO Pumpkins – Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

*Updated 09/24/2021 – The BOO Pumpkin Pattern now includes all 26 letters of the alphabet so you can spell any word or name you’d like! Scroll to the end of the pattern for the bonus graphs!*

Boo Pumpkin crochet pattern by The Turtle Trunk

We’re coming to the end of September, can you believe it?! I know I can’t! This month has been so much fun, creating and sharing new crochet pumpkin patterns with you all every week. We’re at the last Friday of the month, so that means this will be the last pumpkin pattern from me. Well, until next year anyways!

For this pattern I wanted to do something a bit different. With Halloween coming up soon, I though it would be fun to make a pattern more specific to the holiday rather than just another Fall decoration. The BOO Pumpkins consist of 3 pumpkins that spell out the word BOO! These would look amazing sitting on the mantel or even outside on the porch! Add some fake cobwebs and spiders around them to really make them spooky! These are so fun and can be made with any color combinations!

Now, let’s talk about how we create the letters. If you’re a beginner, this may seem like an intimidating pattern, but I promise it is not as hard as it may look.


One of my favorite things about the pumpkin patterns I’ve released this month, is that each of them is made with different techniques and not one is worked up the same as another. The Farm Fresh Pumpkins are worked flat in vertical rows, the Country Cottage Pumpkins are worked in a joined round, and the Picot Pumpkins are worked in a continuous round! For this fourth pattern, we’ll be using a technique called Intarsia Crochet and it’ll be worked flat in horizontal rows!

Intarsia Crochet is a method of working blocks of color throughout your piece. Bobbins (multiple balls of yarn) are used and dropped to create a multiple colored piece of work that has no yarn carried over or through. This technique will create a clean piece on both sides and you will not be able to see any of the opposing color(s) within your stitches. This is not to be confused with Fair Isle Crochet, which carries the non working yarn behind your piece, or Tapestry Crochet, which carries the non working yarn through your piece.


This pattern can be followed along with the video tutorial above, the written pattern below, or the letter graphs. You can find the graphs below with the written instructions, but you can get the full sized, easy to print graphs alongside the pdf, ad-free version of this pattern found on Etsy and Ravelry.

Here are somethings to know about this pattern:

● At the end of each row you will chain 1 and turn. Beginning chains do not count as stitches throughout the whole pattern.
● Rows 1 and on will always have a final stitch count of 41.
● Each square on the graph represents one single crochet
● Odd numbered rows are always worked on the “right side” and will be read on the graph from right to left. Even numbered rows are worked on the “wrong side” and are read from left to right on the graph.
● Be sure to always keep your tail ends on the “wrong side” of your work.

Changing Color

Start a SC as usual, before the final pull through you will drop your current color and pick up the new color. Finish the stitch by pulling through the 2 loops on your hook with the new color. The next SC you work will be the first of the new color. Be sure your tail ends are all on the ‘wrong side’ of your project and continue on with the new color until the next color change.



Finished Sizes:

Approximately 5” wide & 3” tail


15 STs x 16 Rows = 4 x 4 in single crochet


● Medium (4) Weight Yarn in 2 contrasting colors
           Color A – 180 yards split into 2 – 90 yard bobbins
           Color B – 30 yards split into 2 – 15 yard bobbins
4.00mm (G)
Fiber Fill
Yarn Needle
● 2-3” Pumpkin Stem (stick from fallen tree branch, cinnamon stick, scrap leather or satin lace, ect.)

Abbreviations (US Terms):

ST(s) – Stitch(es)
CH – Chain
SL ST – Slip Stitch
FSC – Foundation Single Crochet
SC – Single Crochet


B (make one)     

Row 1: FSC 41(A)

Rows 2-8: 41(A)

Row 9: 18(A), 7(B), 16(A)

Row 10: 16(A), 8(B), 17(A)

Row 11: 17(A), 2(B), 3(A), 2(B), 17(A)

Row 12: 17(A), 2(B), 3(A), 2(B), 17(A)

Row 13: 18(A), 6(B), 17(A)

Row 14: 17(A), 6(B), 18(A)

Row 15: 17(A), 2(B), 3(A), 2(B), 17(A)

Row 16: 17(A), 2(B), 3(A), 2(B), 17(A)

Row 17: 17(A), 8(B), 16(A)

Row 18: 16(A), 7(B), 18(A)

Cut off the bobbins that are not in use

Rows 19-26: 41(A)

Move onto Closing & Finishing

O (make two)     

Row 1: FSC 41(A)                   

Rows 2-8: 41(A)

Row 9: 18(A), 5(B), 18(A)

Row 10: 17(A), 7(B), 17(A)

Rows 11-16: 17(A), 2(B), 3(A), 2(B), 17(A)

Row 17: 17(A), 7(B), 17(A)

Row 18: 18(A), 5(B), 18(A)

Cut off the bobbins that are not in use

Rows 19-26: 41(A)

Move onto Closing & Finishing

Closing & Finishing

Tie off yarn leaving a 24” tail. Fold piece in half, bringing the short ends together. With the “wrong side” facing out, whip stitch the ends together.

Weave the tail end through the stitches on the bottom of the pumpkin, working in every second stitch, pull tight to cinch bottom closed. Secure with a few knots and tie off yarn.

Flip pumpkin “right side” out and stuff with Fiber Fill. Attach a 24” long tail to the top and weave tail end through the top stitches, working in every second stitch. Pull tight to cinch close, making sure you leave a hole large enough for your stem to fit through.

To create the segments, wrap the tail end around the outside of the pumpkin, bringing it up through the bottom hole and to the top. Repeat around until you reach your desired amount of segments. Be sure not to cover up the letters. When you’re done, secure with a few knots and hide tail end inside the pumpkin.

Finish your pumpkin off with a stem. There are endless possibilities for pumpkin stems: twigs and sticks from fallen branches in your yard, cinnamon sticks from your local market, or satin lace from the craft store! Simply stick stem through the center hole and voila! You can even use a dab of hot glue or fabric glue to keep the stem extra secure.

And you’re all done!

Check out these bonus graphs to make the rest of the alphabet!

I hope you enjoyed the BOO Pumpkins pattern! I can’t wait to see your finished pumpkins, so be sure to tag @theturtletrunk on Instagram!

You are free to sell the items you make with this pattern, and I’d love if you could please link back to this page. You do not have permission to republish or distribute this pattern in any way or claim it as your own. Do not use my photos in your sale listings or for any other purposes. Thank you.

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